Master Jim Allen (6th Dan)
I have been a member of the World Jujitsu Federation since 1993 ....
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We currently have 3 clubs running in Northern Ireland. Belfast, Ballyclare and Craigavon.

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This section provides some inspirational Japanese short stories.


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Welcome to the Mushin Jujitsu Clubs

Welcome to Mushin Jujitsu Clubs. Part of the World Jujitsu Federation Ireland. (WJJF) Currently we run 3 clubs in Northern Ireland, based in Belfast (Avoniel Leisure Centre), Craigavon (Craigavon Leisure Centre) and Ballyclare (Sixmile Leisure Centre). Our syllabus was devised by Soke Robert Clark and follows a logical and safe progression through the belts to

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History of Jujitsu

Ju-Jitsu is one of the oldest and most effective form of self defence. Ju-Jitsu means gentle science or technique, a Japanese system or martial arts in which the strength and weight of an opponent are used against him by means of an anatomical knowledge and principle of leverage. Included in this soft or gentle art

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