Master Jim Allen (6th Dan)

I have been a member of the World Jujitsu Federation since 1993 and have had the pleasure of training under Shihan David Toney (8th Dan) who heads the World Jujitsu Federation in Ireland.

Since my first class I was intrigued by the simplicity of how easily little leverage could move someone much larger, taller and stronger than myself.

I hope that I can give others every opportunity that I have received from the World Jujitsu Federation to enjoy the benefits of membership within a very friendly association.



Sensei Alex Purdy (3rd degree black belt)

I have been training with World Jujitsu Federation since 2009 and have been honoured to train with Master Allen who has pushed me to improve with every class.

I enjoy teaching as it allows me the chance to share the knowledge I have been given with others and I hope they can take as much pleasure from jujitsu as I have.

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